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When you need a new system installation for your home or business, you can’t trust just ANY company to complete it. One overlooked element, one corner cut, and it could cost you thousands in maintenance fees and energy loss over the course of your installation’s lifespan.

Proper heating and cooling installations should be left to the true professionals who have the skills and experience – not to mention the reputation – to provide a solid, dependable system installation that works. When done right, any installation should provide significant savings because of its efficiency, eco-friendly operation, and high-quality energy-saving components.

R.B. Queern & Co., Inc. has the professionals and installation capabilities you’ve been looking for!

  • Heating Installations: Our heating installations don’t quit, even on the coldest New England nights. Whether you opt for a gas furnace, electric furnace, forced air, hot water setup, ductless system, or something else, we’ll provide you with a fast and easy installation to keep your loved ones and/or employees comfortable, year round.
  • Cooling Installations: Summers in New England can be unbearable. The heat and humidity can make even breathing uncomfortable. Without a working A/C, you’ll simply have to suffer to the end. Unless you get an A/C installation from R.B. Queern & Co., Inc.! Our inspections, estimates, and subsequent installation services include all labor, refrigerant, and (most importantly) a QIV test to show you the system pressure and low, money-saving electrical consumption. We perform installations for both residential and commercial clients.
  • Custom Installations: Need a custom installation to fit your unique setup? Let us help! Our company doesn’t work off of just one schematic or blueprint for our installations. All of our skilled, talented technicians have the creativity, industry knowledge, and on-going training to complete installations for any commercial or residential system, no matter the size or scope.

For more information concerning our installations, or to schedule an installation with us, please call R.B. Queern & Co., Inc. at 401-849-0095 for your FREE estimate.  

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