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R.B. Queern & Co., Inc., in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is the local choice for heating and air conditioning service, installation, and repair.

Winter Specials
Prepare for winter with these maintenance specials.
A local family owned and operated business since 1994.

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R.B. Queern & Co., Inc.

Why Us?

We are proud to offer our customers the best possible technicians and the best possible service. Our founder is a third-generation mechanic who learned the trade from his father.

We believe, as our fathers did, you need your customers, they don’t need you. So, we must be honest, finish what we start, and do it right the first time. 

R.B. Queern & Co., Inc. is proud to serve more than 9,000 customers across the Aquidneck Island and the surrounding New England Areas.


Residential Maintenance

Oil Units $155

Gas Units $135

Prices Include:
These cleaning prices include up to an hour and a half of labor by our heating technicians, along with one nozzle, one pump gasket, and one oil filter (for oil units). The special also includes a full brush and vacuum, and safety and efficiency testing for both oil and gas units.

*Winter Specials are only available to recurring customers. New customers will be eligible to receive these specials during their second consecutive year of scheduled annual service. New customers' first scheduled maintenance will be a charge of $120.00/hour plus any required parts.

*For existing customers, if the labor should exceed the 1 1/2 hours included in the Winter  Special, an additional $180.00/hour will be added to the maintenance total. The Winter Special only covers standard nozzle, pump gasket, and filter sizes for oil units.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.


Please contact our office for more information about maintaining commercial equipment.

Our Technicians are Licensed and Certified
Our Licenses Include:

      Rhode Island Pipe Fitter Master #3423
      Rhode Island Refrigeration Master #3423
      Rhode Island Burner Contractor #E175
      Rhode Island Burner Technician #F390

      Rhode Island Natural Gas Journ.2 #PJF
      Massachusetts Oil Burner Technician #BU120772
      Massachusetts Sheet Metal Master #H065385

Our Certifications Include:

      Beckett (R.W. Beckett Corporation) Training & Certifications
      Buderus Training & Certifications
      Carlin Training & Certification
      Econar Geo Thermal Certifications
      Emerson Swan Training & Certifications
      Fujitsu Mini Splits Certification & Training

      Gastite Sizing & Installation Training & Certification
      IGSHPA Geo Thermal Installation & Service Certification
      I.B.R. Residential Hydronic Heating Certification
      L.G. Split Ductless A/C Training Certification
      NEB (New England School of Business) Applied Service Mgmt. 


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