Air Conditioning


Regular Rate: $120.00 / Hr
Overtime Rate: $180.00 / Hour

**Overtime rates apply to residential units only. Please contact our office to inquire about commercial rates.
**Prices are subject to change without notice.







AC Summer Special for $120 per unit

Prices Include:
Up to an hour and a half of labor by our licensed and certified air conditioning technicians, along with three ounces of refrigerant. We will perform a QIV test on the unit and check all system pressures and electrical consumption. A passing QIV will ensure lower monthly operating costs. If the unit fails the QIV testing we will make immediate recommendations on how to improve the system and make it passable by QIV standards for efficiency. We will also check the refrigerant charge, check the superheat at the compressor, check the voltage and amperage, lubricate all moving parts, check the filters, check lock-out circuits and starting contactor, check condensing unit wiring, check the condensate drain and check the belt and adjust tension as necessary. In short, this is the best possible way for you to save money by making sure your system is operating at peak efficiency through the summer months.

Commercial Maintenance

Please contact our office for more information about maintaining commercial equipment.
Our technicians are licensed, certified and factory trained for AC work.

Air Conditioning Installation

R.B. Queern & Co., Inc. will engineer and build an air conditioning system specifically for your comfort needs. Whether you would like to air condition your cottage or you would like to cool your office, we are the experts who can complete the job most professionally and cost effectively. This top-quality system will be engineered and developed with an eye toward comfort, efficiency, and of course, economics.
R.B. Queern Co & Inc. can provide you with an estimate on new Air Conditioning equipment free of charge.


  • Oil or gas fired equipment
  • High efficiency
  • Hot water systems
  • Forced hot air systems


We can work with you and provide a heating system that is customized for your home and tailored to your needs.